Saturday, April 15, 2017

City of The Dead


Summary: The city of the dead is an article that describes the losses of the Philippines, as soon as the country became a battlefield, including the death of a 5-year-old child. This article speaks about the losses of a family, and the losses of the people of the Philippines as a whole due to a war on drugs that had been started by the president. Some shocking killings take place in Santo Nino, and families lose their loved ones in the small poor neighborhood.

My Reaction and the Authors Intent: First off, the author intended to inform the reader of the tragedies that these people have faced in such a bad time that included war, just because the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, turned the whole country into a battlefield over the war on drugs. Overall. I strongly felt a feeling of guilt reading the article, as it used sympathy and words that really can pull or push from someones emotions. I haven't heard anything about a war, and once I read into it, it sincerely conveys a feeling of sadness. I wouldn't be surprised if someone had read this, or stumbled upon it, and felt bad. Obviously, this is a great example of pathos, conveying a feeling of tragedy, or sympathy to get the reader into an emotional state. I examined the pattern of organization to be order of importance, the article doesn't fail to put everything in order as well though. The way the whole article is set up gave this away immediately, in chapters that seemed to have detailed what the author found most important to the least important details at the end. This article has 4 chapters and I read all of them, and it seemed really apparent that order of importance was used, because he first used a child's death to get the reader to want to see how this sad tragedy became true, later it loses it's "empathy" factor and begins to get into more factual detail. Reading this article to the end really informs you on the war, and that was a great way to convey a feeling of tragedy, while at the same time providing factual detail, in order of importance.

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